Security you can count on

Our uniformed security guards are trained by certified instructors to meet the challenges of working in a broad array of environments.  From corporate towers, residential towers, government facilities to commercial properties, our personnel are specifically trained to match your needs. Regent Protection Services coaches every guard to address client concerns with a sense of urgency.  Our personalized coaching experience and law enforcement level training enables us to provide you with attentive, well-trained security professionals, that are committed to safeguarding your needs.

Professional Uniform

Our standard uniform consists of a navy button-up collared patrol shirt, tie, black tactical pants, black polished boots, and our signature black & white checker banded forage cap. Regent Protection Services continually monitors and ensures that all uniforms are in strict compliance with client requirements.  Our goal is to ensure that the image of our clients is always maintained at the highest level.


In addition to the Alberta Basic Security Training course, we provide numerous opportunities for training and professional development.  Regent’s training program ensures that our guards are confident, ready, and able to serve your needs.  Some of our mandatory certifications include:

Use of Force training is a necessary component for staff members to understand when & how force can be applied and the justification. The course is designed to teach aspects such as handcuffing, joint locks, the human body under stress, weapon disarms, and impact weapons. PPCT (Use of Force) is a recognized course under the Alberta Solicitor General’s requirements for security staff and is a recognized standard for use of force globally for law enforcement.

As an emergency first responder, all security staff must be training in Emergency First Aid, CPR Level – C, and AED usage.

Security professionals know how to gain compliance with words first. The course will be designed to provide tactical communications training to frontline staff, building upon their existing skill sets and providing them with additional tools to generate voluntary compliance while diffusing potentially dangerous encounters. Verbal Judo improves personal safety, enhances professionalism while reducing stress and complaints against staff.

In accordance with Health & Safety regulations, all staff members are training in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System to be familiar with any materials on a job site.

At Regent we pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of safety. Site safety training helps our members identify and resolve potential hazards on their job sites while protecting our clients interests. As part of our commitment to Health & Safety, we are accredited members with ContractorCheck – an independent third party health and safety pre-qualification program for contractors.

At Regent we believe that service is a core value of our business. Our team members undergo customer service training in an enforcement role for a professional encounter with everyone we meet.

Regent tailors our training programs based on client specific requirements.  We recognize that every environment has its own unique challenges.


Our security guards can perform a wide variety of roles such as static guard and access control, perimeter checks, CCTV monitoring, mobile patrol & alarm response, fire watch duties, contractor & move over watch, and concierge and reception duties.

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