Emergency Security Coverage

Regent Protection offers emergency security services and temporary security guard solutions to corporations and organizations facing security emergencies requiring immediate action. We can provide short-term security solutions as a result of an unexpected situation or planned work requiring additional support. Whatever your situation is our services are available 24/7 for the City of Calgary & surrounding area.

The Alberta Floods of 2013

In the dawn of June 2013, Alberta experienced some of the worst flooding in provincial history. The floods caused $1.7 billion dollars worth of damage making it one of the most costly natural disasters in Canadian history. In Calgary, many areas including the entire downtown core became virtually inaccessible. During this time of crisis, Regent was able to maintain its service to its downtown clients – ensuring that 20 properties remained protected and secured even with all our buildings without any power. Regent members made it to their respective posts when others could not. Our team continued their service under the 24/7 watch of our own incident command team, ensuring that resources were deployed effectively and safely.

 … We focused on the downtown core and Bragg Creek during and after the floods. Break-ins and looting were rampant after the floods. We had to work very closely with Calgary Police to deter crime and we established such a strong presence that none of our sites ever were broken into…it was a crazy but rewarding experience ”

– J. Salarza, Field Operations Manager

Covering Every Scenario

  • Office or residential moves
  • Site fire watch
  • Contractor over watch
  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages
  • Government events


  • Parkade coverage
  • Traffic management
  • Access control
  • Special events & functions
  • Protective escorts
  • Parking management

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